Character > Áine Seoige

Áine is a 30 year old woman. She is very attractive and is also a fine singer.

Áine left school when she was 16, and she is working in bars and in restaurants since, both in Galway and Dublin. She hasn’t settled down, because she feels she’s too young yet. She goes from job to job.

She enjoys working in An Tobar and may even have a passing interest in her boss Alastair. Alastair heard her singing at a party in Galway and offered her a job in An Tobar on the understanding that she would sing the odd song if requested. It seems that Alastair is sometimes under the impression that he is running a Manhattan jazz club as opposed to a bar/restaraunt in the West of Ireland.

Áine had a fling with Seán who had led her to understand that he was leaving Nuala for her. As is often the case this never happened. While still attracted to Seán she is wary of him and was deeply hurt and humiliated when the affair was exposed.