Character > Seán Ó Dónaill

Seán Ó Dónaill is a young man, 35 years old. After graduating with an arts degree from NUI Galway, and spending a couple of years travelling around, Seán got himself a job as a presenter on the local radio station. He’s living within a short distance of the radio station in the village of Cloigeann. Although Seán is 35 years old, he feels he’s about 25. He is attractive and youthful, easy-going and optimistic. Life has been good to him so far.

Regarding his career, Seán is doing well on the radio, he has his own programme five nights a week and has created his own radio persona — a talkative host, opinionated, philosophical, and fun-loving. That, and a curious choice of music ranging from Puccini to the Pixies. When he isn’t working he sleeps well into the afternoon, he goes for walks by the river, he has his few drinks in Tí Mháille or late drinks after work in An Tobar.

Seán lives with Nuala in a house on the edge of the woods. Nuala is an artist and she has her studio in the converted garage next to the house. Nuala is very much in love with Seán, and although Seán isn’t convinced that love exists, he is very fond of her.