Character > Nuala Ní Dhireáin

Nuala is a 30 year old artist. She is attractive, quiet, and rather shy, but very serious about her art, and her partner, Seán.

Nuala is a gifted painter whose artistic nature subconsciously attunes her to the Otherworld, which is partially revealed in her pictures (depicting Dark Men). They share a house, and Nuala uses the renovated garage as a studio. She works hard, and at times long into the night, as she paints and repaints the images that emerge from her imagination.

They are now eight years together and are seen as a married couple, but it bothers Nuala that their relationship isn’t more permanent. Her relationship with Seán is buckling under pressure due to his lack of commitment and recent infidelity with a local woman, Áine. It isn’t that she wants to be married, but that she feels that Seán lacks the commitment that she has. Someday, she would like to have children, but Seán hasn’t shown any interest in settling down to bring up a family.