Character > Jacko Ó Murchú

Jacko Ó Murchú is a young man of 30 years.  He lives alone after tragically losing both his parents at a young age.  Most people see Jacko as a harmless simpleton, although he has a tendancy to skulk around in the woods at night and has been known to peep into young womens bedroom windows.  When the peeping came to light Jacko got a slap on the wrist from the local Garda Sargeant.  This leniancy was due to the sympathetic intervention by some of the women he peeped on.  Since then Jacko has been much more careful with his nocturnel activity.

Jacko enjoys his few drinks in An Tobar, always with a watchful eye for the young women, and he may even chance his arm and invite them back to his house for some Sherry and Jam Rings.  But is Jacko as innocent as he lets on…and how exactly did his parents die?