Character > Diarmaid Ó Máille

Diarmaid Ó Máille is 55 years old. Diarmaid is married to Bairbre although she was once engaged to his brother Mánas.  He is drawing a disability allowance for the last thirty years as well as being a renowned poacher. It is said that Diarmaid has spent so much time in the woods that he has become half-animal himself. He sells the poached salmon in the nearest town, and to Alastair in An Tobar. 

As a young man Diarmaid was fun loving and full of life, but his relationship with his brother and his disillusionment with his wife Bairbre has made him a cold, mean embitttered man.

Mánas has now declared war on Diarmaid over the poaching.  Diarmaid, in spite of Bairbre’s advice, has allowed the dispute to become personal. It isn’t enough for Diarmaid to steal fish from Mánas anymore, he wants Mánas to be aware of the theft, and to be humiliated.