Character > Ceannfort Ó Sé

Superintendent Séamas Ó Sé is a fifty five year old loner. He lost his wife tragically when she became the victim of a brutal attack that was somehow connected to one of Ó Sé’s investigations. The murderer was never caught and the case remains unsolved.

His mother is still alive and he has spent twenty seven years in the police. Aside from that, very little is known about him. It is said that he lives alone in an old house in Wicklow, where he spends his time reading and listening to classical music.

The Superintendent has his own work methods. Like Liebnitz (nihil est sine ratione: there is nothing without reason) he does not believe in luck or coincidences. He believes everything is connected and interconnected, and that it only takes a sharp eye or ear to discover the connections.

The Superintendent is very much tuned to the supernatural, or to the Other World as he would refer to it, although he would see the Other World as overlapping our own.